About Us

ASTEMI is a national non-profit organization of independent organizations; teachers, public organisations and volunteers dedicated to improving and promoting science education and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both learners and teachers.

These goals are achieved by participating in Olympiad and Competitions, incorporating Science Olympiads and Competitions into classroom curriculum and into hands-on, science project-based competitions.


Dr. Jabulani Nukeri


Managing Director

(012) 392 9335

[email protected]

Mr. Isaac Ramovha

Department of Science & Technology

Director: Science into Youth

(012) 843 6879 / (082) 944 0012

[email protected]

Mr. Bersan Lesch

Department of Science & Technology

Deputy Director: Science into Youth

(012) 843 6300

[email protected]

ASTEMI : Founding Members

Marinda Jordaan

 Daniel Maubane

 Basil Wood

Armstrong Mashakani

 Case Rijsdijk

John Webb

Danie Heymans


Mike Chiles

Chris Mpisi

Dominic Monama

Peter Waker

Charmaine Findeis

Robin Naidoo

Vishnu Naidoo


Robert Inglis

Herman Bosman

Priscilla Moodley 

 Moloko Matlala

Isaac Ramovha

Bersan Lesch

Steve Sherman


Members Contact Details

  Ms Pamela Mamabolo t.(012) 392     1566/083   633 6620 SA Youth Water Prize & Water Sector   Support   Directorate [email protected]
 Mrs Phumla Nocanda t.(021) 300   3200 /   (072)   342  8275 International Speed cube Competition in   Cape   Town [email protected]
  Mrs Marinda Jordaan t.(082) 415   1122 /   (012)   348 3249 GreenpowerZA [email protected]
 Mr Armstrong Mashakani NZG Life Science Competition [email protected]
 Mr Daniel Maubane t.(017) 689   2006 SASOL Techno-X Competition [email protected]
 Mr Basil Wood Conquesta & Manager [email protected]
 Case Rijsdijk t.+27 83 444 24 94 Physics Olympiad [email protected]
 Mr Patrick Rasehwete t.(012) 392   9316 SAMF [email protected]
 Mr Herman Bosman t.(012) 392   9316 SAMF [email protected]
 Ms Ellie Olivier t.(012) 392 9323 SAMF & Operational Manager [email protected]
 Prof John Webb t.(021) 6503193 UCT Maths Competition [email protected]
 Mr Steve Sherman t.(021) 813   9449 /   (083)   308 3883 Living Maths (Link to CPT Science Centre) [email protected]
 Mr Danie Heymans t.(011) 462   2581 /   (082)   659 1404 Hands on Tech[email protected]
 Mr Chris Mpisi Racing car & Bright idea projects [email protected]
 Mr Dominic Monama t.(011) 709   4111 Mintek Minquiz) & Project Manager [email protected]
 Mr Peter Waker t.(021) 448 7864 South African Computer Olympiad [email protected]
Mr Daniel Maubane t. (017) 689 2006/ 071 875 8891Osizweni[email protected]