The AstroQuiz™ Competition is a live, interactive Astronomy-focused questions and answers competition for teams of learners. Initially founded in 2005 at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre by means of an NRF|SAASTA grant for the National Astronomy Platform month, the competition enjoyed almost instant success and was subsequently established as a fixed annual competition that gained a national footprint. The objective of this competition is to contribute to the improvement of awareness, interest, understanding, and insight into basic astronomy, as well as, build an appreciation of and pride in South Africa’s history of science activity and achievements, amongst others.

Entry requirements

Educators must enter their teams of four learners at the identified science centres or related institutions in their province. Entry guidelines can be viewed on


The AstroQuiz is coordinated by the Science Awareness Platform Division of the South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement; a business unit of the National Research Foundation.


Participants are provided with the opportunity to enhance and test their knowledge in Astronomy against peers, as well as hone their fast thinking and fast-acting skills during rapid question and answer sessions, like that of a game show. In addition, schools are provided with the necessary resource packs, that no only prepares their teams for the competition, but that can also add value in the classroom.


Grade 7 learners from schools based in South Africa and the South African Developing Countries (SADC).

How it works

Since schools are only allowed to enter four learners as a team, some schools conduct a qualifying test of their own for all their learners. The learners that gain the highest scores are then selected to participate in the provincial competition. The provincial competition consists of four rounds. During round one, the learner teams conduct a written test that is moderated by the Department of Education officials, teachers, and/or science center facilitators. During the next three rounds, schools compete against each other in an interactive quiz session to gain a top spot for their province and science centre. Only the top five teams then progress to the national event to compete in a fast-paced quiz, where not only knowledge but fast-acting response with a buzzer, leads to victory. These sessions are facilitated and moderated by a panel of judges.


Free entry to all participants.


Each learner receives a participation certificate at the end of Round one. During the provincial rounds, learners are awarded an assortment medals and trophies, amongst others. The teams that progress to the national finals stands a chance to secure the latest technological gadgets, such as laptops and tablets.

Competition timelines

Provincial rounds; Round one is conducted in May, followed by Round two in July, and Round three and four, in August. These rounds are followed by the National Finals in September/October of every year.

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