Computer Talent Search

Computer Talent Search


TALENT SEARCH: To cater for a wider audience, a new round, an aptitude test called Talent Search, is offered. Schools are using it to identify learners who should be taking IT and CAT, but also Mathematics and Science.

Entry requirements

Schools enter learners. While selected learners can be entered by their schools, it is more beneficial if entire classes are entered. The intention is that the contest is offered to entire classes or grades not only to identify talented learners, but to develop computational thinking in all learners. Only by entering entire classes will teachers be able to make full use of the Teachers Guide issued after the event.


South African Computer Olympiad Trust.


The Talent Search challenges learners to use what they have learned in ways they may never have been taught and to develop computational thinking.


Schools enter their learners. Learners from Grades 6 to 12 must use computational thinking to solve 15 problems, or 10 problems for Grades 4 and 5 (Elementary).

How it works

Schools select the age groups to take part (could be all). Schools select online or pen-and-paper (or both). Schools select English or Afrikaans (or both). In the case of online participation, the Computer Olympiad office will send the required number of logins for the number of learners entered. The Olympiad computers do the marking (no marking for the teacher) and the results are sent to schools. Pen-and–paper results are marked by the teacher (easy - just tick, tick, tick) and the results are sent to the Computer Olympiad office to add to the national results.


Entry is free. To encourage all schools to enter, there is no entry fee. The Trust works closely with partners and volunteers to provide the support, backing and energy to deliver this service.


Gold, silver and bronze certificates issued in the name of learners, are sent to schools for learners who achieve in the top 50% of their age group nationally.

Competition timelines

One week in March each year.

Geographical Footprint

All nine provinces of South Africa.

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