FEMSSISA (Foundation for English; Mathematics; Sciences; Sports and Innovation of South Africa) is a registered Non-Profit Company and has been operating since 1998.

Entry requirements

The Mathematics Olympiads from grades 1 to 11 is a two round Olympiad. The first round is multiple choice and the second round is open ended. It is an individual contest. Only learners who qualify are entered in the final round. The qualification mark is 35%. The entry fee for the final round is R10 per participant.


FEMSSISA. FEMSSISA also network with other hosting organisations namely, Thinking for Success, and Space Age Independent School in Gauteng.


Educator empowerment; learn problem-solving skills and strategies; identify talent; nurturing of talent; positive impact on the economy of this country; and enables learners to make wise career choices.


All learners doing Mathematics from grades 1 to 11; educators teaching mathematics; parents; Department of Education and other relevant stakeholders.

How it works

FEMSSISA organizes a two round Olympiad from grades one to eleven. The first round is multiple choice paper whilst the final round is open ended. A nominal fee will be charged for the first round. The mathematics Olympiads are grade specific. The Olympiads are at 3 levels: routine curriculum problems; enrichment and challenging non-routine problems. Certificates and medals are awarded. Certificates are awarded in 4 categories: Gold; Silver; Bronze & Final Round Qualifier. Historically disadvantaged learners are given a concession. Qualification into the final round is 35%.


The first round carries an entry fee of R5. Second round (final round) qualifiers pay R10.


The opportunity to write Mathematics Olympiads of a good standard.

Competition timelines

Primary: Grades 4-7 First Round End of May | Junior High: Grades 8-9 First Round End of May Senior High: Grades 10-11 First Round End of May | Foundation Phase: grades 1-3 First Round Beginning of August Primary: Grades 4-7 Final Round End of August | Junior High: Grades 8-9 Final Round End of August Senior High: Grades 10-11 Final Round End of August | Foundation Phase: grades 1-3 Final Round Beginning of October.

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