Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad

Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad


The Living Maths Mathletics Olympiad was started in 2000. It caters for students from Grade R up to Grade 9. It offers content that matches the CAPS curriculum and additional content that encourages critical and analytical thinking. The Olympiad was started to offer students and teachers the opportunity to engage with problem solving in both a fun and challenging way. Our Olympiad caters for the whole grade, but does offer bonus questions for the advanced students. The Olympiad allows us to identify talent, share resources with teachers, encourage students to engage with maths and teachers often use our Olympiad for assessment purposes.

Entry requirements

Schools, Centres, Home-schools and individuals can enter. Students can participate as individuals or in pairs.


Living Maths creates, facilitates and processes the entire Olympiad.


Students are encouraged to participate in this Olympiad simply because the questions are engaging and promote discussion around topics in maths. The strongest students will be challenged with the broad range of bonus questions. We are looking to identify talented students.


Grade R - 9 students from schools based in South Africa and around the world. We might be adding grades 10-12 in the future.

How it works

A Google folder contains all the Olympiad papers, memos, instruction sheets and notices. Any school that is interested in taking part needs to contact us to join our Olympiad mailing list. We will send you the link and you have about 1 month to write the Olympiad – allowing for flexibility. Schools print the papers and mark them. They then send us the top three results in the pairs and top three results in individual’s categories in each grade. We then collate the results and send out certificates and prizes to the top students in the country.


A voluntary fee of R5 per student. No student is declined for non-payment!


Each student is issued with a Certificate of Participation which is provided to the school in the Olympiad Google Folder. The top students in the country receive special certificates from Living Maths and a SHARP Calculator.

Geographical footprint

Students take part from around the whole of South Africa, SADC, Africa, USA, UK, Australia, Greece, Germany, etc. All schools are welcome to take part and we would love to reach more cities in South Africa and countries around the world.

Competition timelines

The Olympiad takes place around the middle of October until the middle of November each year.

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