Minquiz regarded as South Africa’s premier annual national Science competition for Grade 12 learners is organised by Mintek. The aims of Minquiz are to encourage interest in careers in Science, Engineering and Technology, especially (but not exclusively) in minerals and metallurgy, and to promote an awareness of the importance of minerals and metallurgy to South Africa. Minquiz is intended to entertain participants, while at the same time conveying the importance of Mathematics and Science as foundational subjects to a career in STEMI disciplines.

Entry requirements

Only learners in Grade 12.


The competition is organised by Mintek.


Teachers are exposed to a variety of problem solving strategies and techniques. The course also enhances problem-solving skills of teachers and improves their skill of solving Olympiad type problems.


Only learners in Grade 12 as defined in the National Curriculum Statement can enter Minquiz. Individuals are also able to enter Minquiz, as long as they are eligible to enter. This will allow home-schooled learners or learners at schools where the educators or school management are not able to enter a full team.

How it works

Participating learners write a preliminary multiple-choice question test individually, followed by competing as a team during a live, on-stage oral quiz, also with multiple-choice questions. Provincially the competition is held nationwide and the National Competition is held in Johannesburg. Questions are in the areas of Physical Science, Mathematics and general knowledge in Science, Engineering and Technology.


No, registration fee required, participation is free.

Competition timelines

The Minquiz Provincial Competition is held in all provinces on the same date every year. Schools enter a team consisting of 3 learners and are assigned to either the Gold or Platinum category by based on the schools’ previous 3-year performances in Mathematics, Physicals Science and English.

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