Rockets and Robots

Rockets and Robots


The shortage of scientists, engineers and mathematicians urgently requires that our youth must be motivated to enjoy and study science, technology, engineering and math subjects at school and then at tertiary institutions. In this context, The SPEAR conceptualized the Rockets and Robots Project. Robots & Rockets must create major opportunities for engineering, science, technology and mathematical advancement. The Rockets and Robots Project is the precursor to the Rockets and Robots Olympiad.

Entry requirements

Science Clubs from registered and participating schools.


The SPEAR Development Foundation (Sustainable Performance through Enrichment Activities and Reward)


The Rockets and Robots Olympiad provides a platform for intra-team cooperation in an inter-team Olympiad; assess individual and team strengths against peers; educators and Learners are exposed to and learn from industry gurus, and participating schools are provided with Lego, Rocketry and Raspberry Pi kits.


Grade 7 to Grade 11 learners from participating schools.

How it works

Educators and Learners must be capacitated with basic skills in robotics, rockets and Raspberry Pi technologies. These skills must be consolidated through practice (e.g. inter-team, interschool competitions). It starts with training educators during the first term. Educators then start Science Clubs at school to host STEMI activities after which the they can participate in the interschool Rockets & Robots Olympiad. A Robots and Rockets Olympiad is a five-day, space-themed “boot camp” for Grades 8 to Grades 11, where Learners in teams will have opportunities to interact with industry gurus, acquire some theoretical and technical knowledge about rockets and robots and practically build rockets that are launched vertically or traverse in a horizontal plane and robots that complete missions.


Administration fee that will not exceed R 50 per Learner.


Every learner will receive a Certificate of Attendance reflecting the grading achieved.

Geographical footprint

Northern Cape Province

Competition timelines

School vacations; first term: educator training | June or September: Olympiad

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